The prophecy of the outburst. Nostradamus once again right?

The prophecy of the outburst. Nostradamus once again right?

The world of prophecy has always filled humanity with mysteries and questions since the beginning of the world; Among them there is one that causes much expectation and anxiety called the prophecy of the outburst, today many people have attributed to themselves the gift of prophets resulting in some cases their false premonitions or out of place of what they have said, but not because of this we can classify everyone as phonies we have specific case in history that have right in their prophecies as Nostradamus for example, of their important sayings is expected one that fills with much fear and alarm to humanity the outburst.

Nostradamus’ prophecy about the outburst of belief or prediction
This prophecy written by Michel de Nôtre-Dame has been one of those that has brought more expectations in terms of affirmations related to different theories, hypotheses or beliefs not only because it has not yet been fulfilled and coming from the person who manifested and wrote it, whose sayings have been very accurate to this day proof of it we have it in two of his most commented prophecies as were the rise of Hitler and the fall of the twin towers but because it is also found in one of the most believed and read books of humanity as it is the Bible.

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The outburst is a religious prophecy
If we read in the Bible we will find a whole chapter where it is described that when the end times are over, a supreme being will come, the Son of Man is called (“the Messiah”) and will choose the best Christians according to their deeds and they will be caught up and live in paradise a perfect world because the present contaminated earth will be destroyed.

In what Nostradamus said “Some will be working, others in their vehicles, children with their mothers walking and in the twinkling of an eye some will disappear and others will remain on the ground”.

Here we can see the similarity that exists in these prophecies, some have even said that the scientist could have based on what was written in the Bible for his prediction, will what the scientist said be fulfilled and what is written in the Bible? the truth of the case whether or not the mere fact of thinking about this we would imagine a collapsed world, a society full of collective panic in huge proportions.