The prophecy of John the Apostle – destruction and wars in the world


The prophecy that identifies the beginning of struggles between kingdoms against kingdoms and nations against nations this is the time when the prophecy that the Apostle John once said when he was imprisoned and imprisoned on the island of the Patmos for preaching the word of God is being fulfilled.

John assured that his prophecy was true because it was supported by the Bible.
Many studies based on the theory of the great apostle mention that it is there on that island of the patmos that the story with the most books of reproductions in the world was born, the apocalypse is from there where the prophecies are found that in revelation John saw the apostle building a whole structure in terms of the depth of understanding required by this famous book that has the answer to many of the revelations to the world.

Prophecy of the Revelation of Wars in the Apocalypse
This character called Juan was on this island of the patmos in the middle of his solitude was taken to revelation in which he was shown as big scorpions that came out to meet him with big pincers and then surprised him and showed him how large lobsters emerged with strong armour and were given to the confrontation.

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John’s prophecy

This is transposed to the present day understanding that the apostle was already predicting in this book the wars between nations and conflicts symbolizing the amphibious tanks of the armed forces as the locusts that emerged from the sea and the scorpion representing the warships that today are created with the purpose of killing and destroying. This is one of the predictions that exist in this extraordinary book which contains many references to the events and predictions of the world, and you will hear of wars and rumors of wars; take heed that you are not troubled, for all this must take place; but it is not yet the end, Matthew:24.6.8

It means that it is necessary that these sorrows, death and destruction with all things and events that may occur on earth be fulfilled for the purpose for which we have been created.

will this prophecy be true? And how much time do we have left?