The prophecy about the creation of Israel that has divided Christians

Profecía Israel El Mesías


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While some believe it is possible, others refuse to accept the Prophecy of a Savior this century.
For several weeks now, we have seen how great powers, including the United States, are opening embassies on Israeli soil and, in general, making diplomatic approaches that were not seen coming. It is enough for theologians and researchers to give their historical opinion for the media to direct their interest to the true background of this situation, which seems to be a greeting between both nations, but in reality, it is an ancestral prophecy that brings together Christians and Muslims from all over the world.

The prophecy in question speaks of the creation of the country of Israel as nothing more than a divine sign that will announce in the next century from its birth, the arrival of a savior who will transform the way the world is at war and prevent, among other things, sects associated with Satan from taking control of important accumulations of weapons that will unleash a nuclear war.

According to the prophecy The messiah who is willing to put an end to sects and war
This mysterious savior who is expected in this era has been portrayed in the books of almost every religion and prophecy assures that part of this mandate has already been fulfilled by forming the basis of the nation Israel to give itself to the coming of this being who will change everything and prevent the war that will destroy the planet.

This is why followers of different religions of the world have united in a kind of peace and have summoned thousands of their followers to prepare for the fulfillment of the prophecy that will come sooner than they think. For their part, theologians have also denounced that members of organizations such as the Illuminati have tried to hide the criteria of the different prophecies that have emerged for this century, because they are the main beneficiaries of a war that threatens the lives of millions of people and destroys countries for them to take total control of the continents and establish a new world order that responds only to their designs.