The Prophecies of Nostradamus Still Present 500 Years Later

Las profecías de Nostradamus Aun Presentes 500 Años Despues

The prophets and prophecies of Nostradamus have been present in human history since ancient civilizations. Only by highlighting the Sumerians, considered the first great civilization on earth, could they study with surprising effectiveness the constellations and the solar system itself, predicting many events that would follow and follow their civilization.

However, there was a prophet who stood out among them all, the Frenchman Michel Nostradamus, a man who has been talked about countless times and who, year after year, continues to surprise the world with the fulfillment of his prophecies, almost 500 years after his death.

The prophecies of Nostradamus already fulfilled…
The prophet surprised the world when he predicted countless events that, over the years, became a reality, thus earning the pseudonym of the greatest prophet in history. One of the longest-lasting predictions of the Frenchman was that of the great London fire of 1566. Nostradamus predicted that the blood of the righteous in London would be claimed and burned by fire in 66.

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However, Nostradamus was able to predict the emergence of Adolf Hitler, the appearance of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Second World War and even the two atomic bombs that fell on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagazaki; “Near the gates and in the middle of the cities, two lashes like never before seen. Famine and plague, the people cast out by iron, weeping for the help of the great immortal God,” wrote the prophet.

End-of-the-world prophecies?
So it is no wonder that Michel Nostradamus has also written prophecies that could at least reflect the beginning of the end times.

Among the strongest predictions, we can find the one that mentions the third world war, which will be, in his words, “more destructive and longer than any other”. He wrote that the war would last 27 years and could coincide with the passage of a comet. A prophecy that, seeing the latest events between the West and the Middle East, seems to be closer than we imagine.

However, the prophecy that even seems to have a biblical and apocalyptic tinge, is the one that says “The heavens will open and the fields will burn with the terrible heat”, referring, perhaps, to the end of planet earth. An event that, according to many scientists, is a fact.

Besides, Nostradamus is not the last prophet, but others like Marshall Vian Summers have appeared, who claims to be a prophet of God: