The prediction of a dystopian or fantastic future, governed by machines!

La predicción de un futuro distópico o fantástico, ¡Gobernados por maquinas!

Over the years, many works of fiction have filled our senses with possible scenarios where technology will rule over us in a dystopian future. In fact, many futurologists claim that and make predictions, despite being works of fiction, they are all based on predictions made by specialists and scientists based on the speed with which technology is advancing. If we stop to think about that, we will realize that since 2010 (when technology took a leap in time with the advent of intelligent devices).

To this day, we will realize that in just 8 years, the technological world advanced faster than it had in 20, or perhaps more years in the past. A future where machines and humans walk free could be considered fascinating or a dystopian future, depending on who looks at it, but the predictions are and are becoming more and more palpable.

Technology will rule over the earth. Predicting a dystopian or fantastic future?
Ian Pearson, KasperskyLab’s technology expert, predicted that by just 33 years, the world as we know it will not exist and the “machines” will move the world as a whole. Some of the things he mentions are autonomous cars, something that is already possible today.

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He mentions that there will be no need to move in order to communicate with someone, even though they are hundreds of miles away, nor will we have to wait to connect, as we will always be connected to everyone. But one of the most curious notes is that the security systems will be so intense in terms of facial or voice recognition, that there will be devices that make people look totally different than they really are. Virtual security masks.

Prediction: the dangers of technology .
But Pearson and KasperskyLab also warn us of the dangers of living in a world governed by technology. The birth of what could be called “Homo-Optimus” would be a reality; an artificially altered human with much more intelligence and brain power to be eternally connected to the network, where you can download all the information you want. But before they reach the perfect Homo-Optimus, they would go through many different stages of organizations and industries, which would lead to mass kidnappings in an attempt to find it.

He also predicted that cyber attacks could be a real danger to life itself, as everything would move through Internet connections, making wars much more frequent.

At first glance it seems like the storyline of a futuristic dystopian film or series, but if we do the exercise by mentioning it at the beginning, we realize that technology is advancing faster and faster and that what was unthinkable only 8 years ago is now a reality, what will the future hold for us?