The most chilling and devastating prophecies according to Nostradamus 2018


Who does not know the prophecies of Nostradamus? the search for information given by experts on predictions begins in the last days of each year; however, those dictated by the French astrologer Miguel Nòtre-Dame are the most important and truthful since they have become a reality. One of the important predictions was the Twin Towers Attack that occurred in the United States, as well as the development of the nuclear bomb, the triumph of Donald Trump as president. However, this does not end here, for this 2018 great revelations are coming.

Nostredamus foretells problems for the world according to his prophecies
The remainder of this year 2018 may be complicated, according to prophets, so we have gathered information from a recount of what may happen before the year ends.

Heavy rains are coming in Italy, Great Britain and Czech Republic, Hungary. The whole of Europe will be devastated and flooded. As in India and China, it is possible that there will be a landslide from Antarctica.

A great heat wave will embrace Asia, many Asians will look for ways to escape to the cold areas. Other prophecies are the forest fires in Austria and California.

Major natural disasters will affect the United States, especially the western area, and power will be felt throughout the world. In addition, problems will arise not only in the economic sphere but also in aspects of life.

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In addition, nuclear terrorism associated with natural disasters is approaching until a giant planet wipes out the Earth.

The predictions made by Nostradamus will begin with a war in France and throughout Europe, these will be attacked, but this contest will be short, only few people will enjoy peace.

The war between world powers will begin, lasting 27 years; violence will be experienced and a comet will be approaching in the sky. This prophecy is said to refer to the war between the United States and North Korea.

What about Mount Vesuvius? It will erupt, causing the earth to shake and cause many deaths.

Unbelievable, the dead will come out of their graves, this prophecy has reiterated that it can be fulfilled from years ago, but it is said that the time is approaching and when there is no room in hell, all the dead will come out of the tombs, affirming the coming of the Apocalypse.

Prophecy with a bad prognosis…. World War III
The French philosopher revealed that wars and conflicts will appear in the Middle East, taking lives in the tribes of great regions. Putin has let the time of the third world war come. We are close to the end of the world, this does not mean the end of human beings but the end of human self-government. Civilization is in distress, and the predictions are clear. Google searches of this topic have reached the historical point.