The Mayan prophecies that are approaching for 2018

Las profecías Mayas que aproximan para este 2018


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Mayan prophecies that will leave you with your mouth open
The Mayans immortalized many prophecies, but the most striking one was undoubtedly that of the end of the world, when they said that nature would turn against humans and destroy everything so quickly that we would not realize it. The continents would undergo abrupt changes and the waters and earthquakes would collapse everything built by man. In the past there were few people who believed in this type of legend, however, times have changed and we are living in a literally apocalyptic society.

All natural events and human behavior are without a doubt apocalyptic signs that we cannot ignore, also, somehow they manage to fit with the Mayan, Sumerian, Aztec, etc. prophecies. The second prophecy of the Maya is about human emotions, which will destroy our society if we do not begin to put aside fear, sadness, anger and hopelessness.

The prophecy of the cosmic cross
This was fulfilled in 1999 in a solar eclipse. The alignment of various planets of our solar system with the earth right in the middle created a cosmic cross that left Kosovo, Pakistan and the Middle East in partial darkness, all of which have been war zones for nearly a century. On the other hand, there is the Mayan legend that speaks of the high temperatures of the earth and, to be honest, it has been fulfilled since the beginning of this century.

The Maya also revealed that in the future, political and religious systems would be based on fear alone and that people would gradually grow tired of believing in a farce. Nibiru is also the protagonist in these legends, as well as the alleged genetic change that the entire human race would undergo. The summit of it all is that little by little, each of these prophecies has been fulfilled and those that have not yet been fulfilled are in process, including wars and climate change.