The Latest Predictions That Scared Scientists Awake!


It is said that no one can make accurate predictions about the future. Some even say that the prophecies made by Nostradamus are only coincidences and prayers that have been forced to look like recent events. However, prediction is a scientific fact that, based on data, could show us a projection of what the future holds.

Predictions about what the future holds for us.
There are many prophets who, through less or more conventional methods than others, have made predictions about what the future holds for the planet and for the human race in general. Some of the predictions offer us crazy theories, but others do not give us really creepy data that would make us really doubt many things that we feel today as safe or technological advances. Many predictions even show us a way to the conspiracy theory of large corporations and governments that could include a new World Order.

A new World Order and predictions that would change the world.
The Bulgarian-born mystic, Baba Vanga, predicted before her death in 1996, events that would happen until the 51st century. Although there are those who do not take her into account, this woman has a large number of followers, who say she was able to predict the fall of the Twin Towers.

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The most controversial prediction, however, is that by 2018, China will dethrone the United States as the world’s most powerful country, bringing with it a new era in the world political order.


Another of the predictions that has most caught the attention of all specialists and historians is the one made by Gordon Ritter, a cloud storage company worker (or cloud, as he is popularly known), who has said that by 2019 many companies that have said they work with Artificial Intelligence will disappear and only those that have really dedicated themselves to creating true Artificial Intelligence will remain afloat, causing a turning point for the future of the technology in the world.

What will really happen? No one has a concrete answer, but we can be sure of one thing, the world as we know it changes and has changed forever. So the best thing to do is to prepare ourselves for everything that comes our way.