The last pope will be Francis. The prophecy that could mean a new order in the church


Pope Francis could be the last, or so prophesied Benjamin Solari Parravicini, an Argentine painter and sculptor who was known for a series of prophetic psychographs in which many events that actually occurred today can be observed. The best-known prophecy, with which he leaves no doubt about the interpretation, is the one that shows a coloured man dressed in a suit and holding out his hand to a burning stove. In the letter it reads “The American stove will be lit by the new black man”, a clear prophecy of Obama’s uprising. So could Pope Francis be the last?

Pope Francis, the prophecy of the last pope and the end of the church?
Parravincini is not the only one who has suggested this. In fact, St. Malachi, an Irish prophet who in the 1000’s after Christ, wrote a list of names and references of all the popes who will be in charge of the church. A total of 112 names appeared on the list and, by coincidence or something else, each of the writings is, in one way or another, related to the Popes who have been in the Vatican.

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Even though many people take it as something fancy or forced. St. Malachi was not the only one to prophesy that Francis I might be the last Pope, for Nostradamus himself predicted that, after the arrival of the black man, judgment would come. The pope is not black but is, curiously enough, the only pope who has worn a black cassock.

prophecy pope françois

Blunt prophecy! Parravicini’s psychography.
The Argentinean prophet drew a psychogaphria in which you could see two men who seemed to be one. One, with a cross on his head that looks to the right and another with a more gloomy, headless look that looks to the left. The text accompanying the drawing reads: “New Pope What? Divergences! The new Pope will be after many internal struggles, two different lights, two truths, two problems, confusion will advance and the unexpected will emerge from it.

This vision would be the harbinger that Pope Francis would have two personalities: a good one, the one shown to the world, and a sinister one that would create confusion and a new church age would be coming in which the election of the papacy would be renounced.