The dark new prophecies of the Simpsons that have come true


One of the most iconic and iconic series that has been on the air for decades is the Simpson family; having about 28 years on the air, 29 seasons and more than 600 chapters, who doesn’t know this animated series? Funny characters like Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Maggie. But the amazing thing is that sometimes it predicts the future and many of the chapters happen and then years or decades later they happen in real life. Amazing the prophecies that come true.

In a very chilling way they show us important events that mark the history of humanity, but these in turn have been catalogued as improbable, political, war, social and technological events. One of the most amazing was the arrival of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States.

The Simpsons’ prophecies and trump’s victory
In that chapter he commented that former President Trump had left the country bankrupt, 16 years later to everyone’s surprise, Trump became President Barack Obama’s successor, becoming the 45th President of the United States of America.

In 2010 they released a chapter where Apple Jobs strong was one of the favorites to win the Nobel Prize, six years later this economist won the Nobel Prize.

In 1993 they showed a chapter where famous puppet trainers were attacked by their huge white tiger, 10 years after this chapter, siegfried and roy were attacked by their white tiger. In 2014 they showed a chapter where they showed corruption in FIFA and also the triumph of Germany and Brazil in the World Cup; months later Germany is the FIFA world champion, it is involved in corruption scandals.

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The simpsons have been characterized by showing different celebrities, including singers, actors, athletes in a very funny way, for example, a character based on Lady Gaga who appeared hanging with a harness like the series. In 2017 lady gaga made her presentation in the superbwol with a harness identical to the series.

One of the best chapters of the series was where the Rolling Stones appeared and gave homer a jacket with the legend that said guitar hero, years later a video game with the same name went on sale and became a success.

In the Simpsons’ episode, the book was presented by a character who is unable to play on the pitch because he is the victim of an attack after four months and a footballer was injured in a match against Colombia.

The Simpsons’ predictions are sometimes so accurate that they are scary, for example, they not only showed that trump would be the president but that he formed an alliance with the president of Egypt and the king of Saudi Arabia, 14 years later it became a reality.

The prophecies of the Twin Towers were a reality.
The first time they traveled to New York in 1997 where in the episode there was a promotion on the cover of a magazine that showed tickets for New York at only 9 dollars and next to it the twin towers appeared so you could understand 911. Unfortunately, four years later, the worst tragedies in the United States occurred.

The prophecies are so accurate that they frighten!