The Chinese book that made the same predictions as Nostradamus.

the prophecies of Nostradamus are not unique and is that in the East, the Chinese book of illustrations and poems, Tui Bei Tu

When we mention the word prophecy, the first name that comes to mind is Nostradamus. The Frenchman has been the most influential prophet in the West and, to this day, has an entourage of followers who praise him, but are not lacking in reason. However, Nostradamus’ prophecies are not unique: in the East, the Chinese book of illustrations and poems, Tui Bei Tu, also has a large number of “hits” throughout Chinese and Asian history in general. It was so much the commotion this book has caused in its more than a thousand years of history that the regime forbade it, but even so, the Tui Bei Tu is still present in the superstitious community of Asia.

Tui Bei Tu, the book of Chinese prophecy.
With 60 illustrations and each with an enigmatic poem, the book is said to have clues about the history and near future of China and the world in general. Each drawing and poem describes an event in history and they are all in chronological order.

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The first 40 drawings show historical changes that would occur (and did occur) throughout the Chinese dynasties. From drawing number 2 to number 9 the most important events in the Tang dynasty are described. The illustrations in 10 to 14 are prophecies about the Five Dynasties; in a period of time spanning 50 years between the Tang Dynasty and the Song, in which there was a brief succession of power by 5 different aspirants. The drawings on pages 15 to 20 show the Song dynasty in the north, while from 21 to 24 the Song dynasty in the south is mentioned. There are only two drawings that speak of the Yuan dynasty and from 27 to 32 it refers to the Ming dynasty. While 33 and 37 speak of the Qing dynasty.

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The coincidences between the prophecies of Nostradamus and the Tui Bei Tu.
Both in Nostradamus’ predictions and in the book’s illustrations, 1999 seems to be an important year. Many scholars say that this date refers to the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001. Based on the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar and to be able to access the month of September instead of July. In addition, the number 1999 would be inverted, referring to 9/11/1, the month and year of the attack.

In 1999, there were even important events in history. The first was the murder of Keneddy and the second was the persecution in China of Falun Dafa religious practitioners.