Recent predictions assure that the end of humanity is approaching.

at the end of time, in reality it will be the end of humanity, many predictions have emerged from this statement

There is nothing that worries the human being more than the uncertainty of knowing what will happen in the future, which will happen at the end of time, in reality it will be the end of humanity, many preaching have emerged from this statement and among the most current is the world will end by the thunderous clash of the so-called planet X with the earth, this prediction is very similar to the prophecy written in the book of the apocalypse of the Bible where in different verses of the book it describes that bodies will collide with the earth, that asteroids will fall that will destroy the earth and it will be the end of humanity.

The predictions that ensure the end of humanity.
The most recent thing about the explosion of planet X when it collided with our earth has been repeatedly denied by NASA and several institutions deny that this collision in any way happens, perhaps it is true and this episode does not happen, but what is undeniable is that every day the populations of the world grow more and more, that is to say, there is overpopulation and the exaggerated consumption of energy also increases, turning the earth into a great fireball, unleashing even stronger climate change, according to different scientific researches that by the year 2.200 or 2,400 it would be impossible to survive on earth if we go at the rate we’re going if we don’t change the way we live.

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Apart from the global warming already described, specialists have detected and predicted other threats that would be lethal to humanity, such as nuclear winter, pandemics, the impact of celestial bodies, and those that are in vogue today due to failures that could have lethal consequences caused by artificial intelligence technology.

end of humanity/predictions

Can our conscientious attitude save us from the end?
The transformations are already here. Our planet is undergoing constant change, too fast to control, which will affect the whole world. The only way to reduce climate change would be for humanity to cooperate on its own in banning certain practices that it understands, not because there are laws prohibiting them, but because of its conscience to put them into practice, is not just to think about how to protect the environment, but to do so.