Rabbinic prophecy confirms the existence of Nibiru

Profecía rabina confirma la existencia de Nibiru


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Nibiru is no secret, even for centuries when a prophecy called it “The Star of Jacob”
Between 1540 and 1550, the Sephardic rabbi of Spanish origin, Moses Jacob Cordovero, made a prophecy that would change the way Kabbalistic Judaism sees the universe. According to his writings and passages related by his students, disciples and followers, the star of Jacob, would appear in the heavens around the year 2016, as a message of destruction, which would mark the beginning of the apocalypse. That star is none other than Nibiru, the planet that NASA calls planet X and they try to hide from society since its discovery.

Although the prophecy marks the date of the Nibiru or Star of Jacob sighting with 2016, NASA has been studying the arrival of this planet for decades, and it is not until now that the information has gone out of their hands and they have had to formalize certain data without confirming that it is Nibiru, the planet that is destined by the prophecy of Rabbi Cordovero to represent the apocalypse for our planet.

Rabbi and film director Yuval Ovadia, for his part, understands to some extent NASA’s concealment of information about Nibiru and explains that it is because this institution and its allies are only preventing a wave of panic that unleashes chaos worldwide. However, the research they have done within Kabbalistic Judaism on Planet X in accordance with this prophecy of the star of Jacob confirms an imminent impact on the earth in a short time, thus representing our end.

The Messiah, the Prophecy and the Planet Apocalyptic Nibiru
The prophecy also includes the announcement of the coming of a messiah destined to save humanity. In the book of the Zohar, the source from which this prophecy emanates, there is talk of the arrival of a protector who would come with the fire that lasted forty days in heaven and would appear in Galilee.

All these data combined with NASA’s claims continue to be widely studied to determine all actual data, including the date of the impact on the earth.

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