Prophecy of a major earthquake could be fulfilled in 2018

Profecía sobre un gran terremoto podría cumplirse durante el 2018


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The earthquake will destroy the world according to this prophecy
Nostradamus and other prophets have foretold the end of the world from different points of view and, although it cannot be determined for certain that any of these situations may occur, the chances of them occurring are increasing more and more. Recently, the world has experienced several unforgettable events, for example, the earthquakes in Mexico, the diplomatic disputes between North Korea and the United States and the nuclear tests of some countries, which is why many believe that the destruction of the earth is very close.

There is a prophecy in which Craig Hamilton-Parker mentioned that the earth was going to experience a series of natural disasters that will lead to its end, for example, hurricanes, tsunamis and eruptions of all the world’s volcanoes. There are also theories about nuclear wars that will unleash disasters and leave millions dead around the world, but one of the most chilling legends related to a mega earthquake is the one that frightens the entire population.

Hamilton Parker told the prophecy of the great earthquake
He, Nostradamus and other prophets, including the Aztecs, mentioned many, many years ago that the end of the world would be caused by a great earthquake that would change the planet geographically, cause profound destruction to most of the earth and kill many, many people, not to mention leave no human life in our heavenly body. Some conspirators say that the earthquake could start a chain of natural disasters and that, together, they will end up with everything in their path.

Whether this originates from the proximity of Nibiru, from an alien invasion or from various nuclear tests, we cannot deny that the earth has changed and that we are very close to our imminent end. There is nothing we can do to reverse what will happen in the near future.