Prophecy about the Third World War: Are they about to be fulfilled?

Profecía sobre la tercera guerra mundial está a punto de cumplirse

Prophecy about earthquakes, nuclear weapons and more could be fulfilled
A great war has been predicted since the last century, just after the end of the Second World War. There were many prophets who said they had had visions or received messages from beings from other worlds and in all these situations the result was the same: Destruction and death. On this occasion we will mention some of the world’s most famous prophecies, including Nostradamus’. This prophet mentions that humans would develop the technology necessary to destroy everything by nuclear war.

Prophecies of natural disasters

Nostradamus said that the Third World War would cause more destruction than the first two carried out during the last century, in fact, he mentioned that even the waste from our planet could contaminate the entire universe.

On the other hand we have the prophecy about the world powers and their policies on military weapons. 2 of the world’s largest powers would unleash a war that would last 27 years or more and lose millions of human lives.

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Natural disasters will come sooner than we thought according to the prophecy.
Craig Hamilton-Parker was one of the people who predicted Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential elections, but in addition to these, he prophesied that 2018 would be the year in which earthquakes would break out across the globe and this would generate a chain of natural events that would end life on earth. The prophet bases his theory on the sun’s approach to our planet and the accelerated progress of global warming.

The first phase of the end of the world would come along with the nuclear wars, after that, the earthquakes that will destroy everything because of the activation of our subsoil and, to end it all, the hurricanes and the eruptions of all the existing maritime and terrestrial volcanoes around the world. There is little chance that all these situations can be avoided and, according to recent events, we are very close to the end.