Prophecies about earthquakes and nuclear weapons could be fulfilled during 2018



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The seer Craig Hamilton-Parker prophesied earthquakes


There have been many prophecies about the end of the world>/strong> and each one is just as frightening as the rest, now, we know that the vast majority are from dates past when fortunately everything is a simple myth, but now there are strong indications that makes us think that we are near the end of the world. Prophecies about earthquakes, continuous earthquakes, hurricanes, nuclear weapons> and wars could be fulfilled in the remainder of 2018.


The clairvoyant mentioned that the eruption of the Mount Vesuvius volcano in Italy will be the genesis of all the strong earthquakes and earthquakes that will be unleashed around the world. He alerted the Naples community to vacate the site as soon as possible and save their lives.


According to prophecy Natural disasters will destroy everything we know


The drastic change of the environment on earth will be the cause of the almost inevitable hurricanes and tsunamis. Without a doubt, the natural disasters predicted for 2018 will be much stronger than those that occurred in 2017 and the consequences will be truly severe for the entire planet.

Nuclear wars between powers will be imminent


We can say that this prophecy is currently being fulfilled due to the nuclear attacks that the United States has been carrying out against Syria, but a war between the US and North Korea is also predicted. This is something we cannot take lightly, much less when North Korea is conducting nuclear tests and disobeying international agreements. This war is likely to go on for 27 years.

Forest fires resulting from nuclear waste


A nuclear weapon affects not only the territory in which it is located, but the entire planet, this is because nuclear debris greatly damages the environment of our planet and is believed to cause forest fires, diseases multiply and the ice that remains in Antarctica eventually melts.