Pope John Paul II’s prophecy was fulfilled


Prophecy about the future of Ireland has been fulfilled
Prophecies have multiplied over the last century and that is worrying, not only because they are about the end of the world or the political wars that are coming soon, but because for the misfortune of many, at least 20% of these prophecies have materialized. The natural disasters that have occurred in recent months are one of the irrefutable proofs that the words of the prophets are true and that, if any of these events actually occur, all the others could be fulfilled as well.

This time we speak of one of the many prophecies revealed by Pope John Paul II concerning the future of Ireland. At the time, he said that this territory was going to have many temptations and that it was up to its own citizens to choose the salvation or perdition of its people. That turning away from God would bring consequences and he lamented because he could almost see his own brothers, bishops and other church representatives betraying the Almighty with their silence. No one knew that the words of this faithful follower of God would make sense years later.

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If that prophecy came true, the others will too.
All this refers to the recent approval of abortion in Ireland and the ecclesiastical absence from this important debate, but how could the Pope know that this would happen? By that time, it was simply unthinkable that a woman could legally abort, so his followers take this prophecy as a divine revelation, something from paradise that decided to bless John Paul II with the gift of clairvoyance.

The fear of the conspirators is that if this prophecy is fulfilled, it will not be long before predictions of alien existence and invasion occur, as well as nuclear wars and the end of the world. There is already evidence that Nibiru exists, so the prediction of destruction could materialize at any time.