Nostradamus’ prophecy about Pope Francis could be fulfilled this year


According to the prophecy, not only Pope Francis is in danger, but also the entire civilization.
The world is in one of the most critical moments in its history, since the times of the Cold War, there has not been so much government tension in the offices of the world’s powers, especially those that have nuclear warheads ready to destroy large areas of land, including the small but powerful Vatican City, which shelters one of the last leaders of the Catholic Church that seems to be already waiting for the fulfillment of the prophecy that Nostradamus launched at the time, on the last Pope on earth.

Analysts and scholars of the matter conclude for the first time that the history and behavior of the events of this era are not wrong, we are at the gates of the third world war, the deadliest and shortest of all, in which nuclear weapons were used to attack and kill millions of people in an instant.

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But… Why is the Pope’s prophecy to be fulfilled?
Pope Francis will first try to serve as a peace mediator in the eye of the hurricane war that will awaken countries like France, the United States, North Korea and Russia, however, his failed attempt will lead to the total destruction of his holy see and therefore to the end of the leadership of the church throughout the world.

All this could happen in the coming months in view of the false behavior of the world’s leaders, who have recently been portrayed in public with signs of friendship, but let’s remember that behind these puppets, the most dangerous sects that humanity has created, are acting, orchestrating the nuclear attacks to establish their new social order.

Among Nostradamus’ prophecies are also those that speak of the war between presidents such as those in the United States and some Asian countries today, it is only necessary to connect the dots to arrive at simple deductions and prepare for the worst.