Nostradamus and His Prophecies for Humanity East 2018

Nostradamus y Sus Profecías Para la Humanidad Este 2018

Prophecies have been present in different cultures throughout human history. All civilizations had characters with the supernatural gift of predicting wars or events that occurred or would occur in the future. Some prophecies are considered forced and have been denied, the most famous being the Mayan Prophecy of the end of the world in 2012, but, to our misfortune, the Mayas have not been the only civilization that has predicted the end of our times.

The end of the world is written in the prophecies
The Bible itself refers to several prophecies that could mean the end of the world, from a war, a great solar flare, pandemics and diseases and even in a fight between Satan and Jesus on earth that would last five months, where all those without the mark of Jesus on their forehead would suffer the ravages of battle.

However, no one has made such accurate prophecies about events that happened almost 400 years after his birth as Michél de Nostradamus. That is why many specialists show concern, even fear, when it comes to studying the clairvoyant philosopher, because according to Nostradamus, the darkest days of the world still await us.

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The prophecies of Nostradamus
The Frenchman predicted events such as Hitler’s rise to power, the attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the attack on the twin towers, the assassination of Kennedy, among others that have earned him the fame of the greatest prophet of mankind.

This would not be a bad thing, but Nostradamus has also predicted catastrophes in the future and, seeing the recent events that have to do with the Islamic state and Europe, they are becoming more and more plausible.

The prophecy of the great war that will devastate the French capital, where it says that the great war will begin in France and spread throughout Europe, will be long and frightening for everyone. In the end there will be peace, but only a few will enjoy it”, what war will it be about, will it have to do with the attacks all over Europe, are we close to a third world war?

The most frightening thing about the whole thing is that it seems to be one of the “softest” predictions facing humanity, for Nostradamus has even predicted that “not far from the age of the millennium, when there is no more room in hell, the dead will rise from their graves”. Without a doubt, this is a prophecy that gives us goose bumps, because there are so many theories that have been said in relation to this, that it makes us doubt whether scientists and researchers are hiding something from us?