New Simpsons Prophecy Discovered: Mexico Reaches World Cup Final in Russia


Against Portugal in a truly historic match according to the Simpsons’ prophecy

The most famous family on world television is not only famous for its jokiness or its
particular yellow color, it is also because his prophecies have been so striking that
have changed the way you look at a simple cartoon. Most of these, they’re with a
effect in the past, like Trump’s choice or the attack of the deadly Ebola, but this time,
the famous yellow family places Mexico in the final, playing with the mighty Portugal
led by Cristiano Ronaldo.

The match in question was broadcast in 1997, in chapter 5 of season 9.
when Homer and company go to the stadium to watch the World Cup final. This doesn’t look suspicious so far, but in the previous scene, a Mexican national team player is in a hot tub with a group of women, coinciding with events similar to the ones that happened days ago, when the players of the U.S. team held a party in which it is speculated that more than 30 women paraded through those rooms.

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According to this new prophecy of the Simpsons, Mexico draws Portugal 1-1 and the final
will be decided on penalties, this is where everything could change and the betting community from now on
they could be making thousands of dollars.

The “mundialist” chapters are not the first time that they have influenced the results of the
football matches, Homer was once a referee at a World Cup, uncovering a terrible web of corruption in Brazil that years later would become a reality thanks to FIFA’s investigation.

It is believed that the team of screenwriters hired by Fox is composed of sociologists
of the era, some of the most important seers are also included.
recognized of these times, who are able to see such relevant events
like the way Michael Jackson died and the rise and fall of Lady Lady’s fame
Gaga among other events.