Kolbrin’s Bible, the book that contains the prophecy of our destiny


For much of the world, everything described in the Bible is accepted. This book is considered as the one that contains the absolute truth, since the creation of humanity, of the world and, above all, of its prophecies about the end times. However, the Bible was not the first book written with these thoughts, in fact, it is based on another book called the Kolbrin Bible that combines the events described in the Christian texts with others that have never been described in any text, or that have been hidden.

Kolbrin’s Bible is considered to be the text that could change the history of mankind by the prophecy contained therein.

The prophecies of Kolbrin’s Bible, a book before the Bible.
Also known as Bronzebook or Coelbook is considered to be the first documented record of Judeo-Christian writings describing biblical events that are accepted by the Christian community with other past scenarios beyond those known to man or purposely hidden in today’s Christian texts.

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It mentions the first people who were on earth before Adam and Eve, it even speaks of the Giant Egyptian rulers and the fallen angels. The history of the latter is totally different from what is known, for in the Kolbrin there is talk of mortals who married the daughters of Adam and Eve and had children instead of the common belief of divine beings.


The prophecy of the end of the world?
Kolbrin’s bible mentions a flood that will wipe out much of humanity, which will be generated by the arrival of Planet X, which is linked to events that have never been seen before.

This would totally change one’s perception of the end of biblical times, in which he speaks of the coming of the Messiah and of a struggle on earth between God and the Devil.

It is worth mentioning that the theory of a “hidden” planet is currently present, which orbits 20 times farther than Neptune from the sun and which, it is believed, has a mass 10 times larger than the earth which could end up entering our solar system.

Is this text really capable of rewriting the history of humanity?