Know the prophecies about the Third World War



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The Third World War is imminent according to the prophecies
The prophecies about the end of the world have been quite forceful despite having been revealed for many years. Most of them report imminent and inevitable destruction in much of the planet. During the last few weeks, the search for the most famous prophecies has increased by almost 60% on the Internet, and it is no wonder, because after all the climatic changes, telluric movements and diplomatic tensions in the world, the situation has become murky and the fear of our possible destruction is growing every day.

Nostradamus, the Bible and more prophecies about the Third World War

Nostradamus is one of the great prophets who has spoken not only about the end of the world, but also about a war that will completely change the history of our world. Nostradamus said that the Islamic territory was going to rise up in the very near future and a rather complicated political and territorial struggle would begin, in which many lives would be lost due to different circumstances, because in addition to the impacts of bullets from firearms, nuclear weapons were going to cause diseases that were difficult to control or eradicate.

On the other hand, part of the bible speaks of the end of our world, some say by God’s design or by the amount of sins accumulated in different territories of the planet. The Bible speaks of diseases and calamities all over the world, some of which will pass so quickly that there will be no time to prepare adequately for them. On the other hand, there are 3 aspects of the Bible that many have studied regarding the end of the world: the cataclysms that will destroy humanity with worrying speed, the extinction of false religions and divine judgment. All this is found in Revelation, chapter 6 of the holy book.

Also, Mother Shipton said more than 450 years ago that the United States would intervene in a geopolitical disturbance to safeguard its interests and that would harm the lives of millions of people on the planet.