Israelite prophecies begin to be fulfilled

Profecías israelitas comienzan a cumplirse


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The prophecies about Israel are being fulfilled too quickly
The most common prophecies of recent times speak of the destruction of the earth and, therefore, of man. However, on this occasion we will talk about the prophecies that speak about the future of Israel. It has been more than 70 years since this territory gained its independence and this situation is also one of the many predictions written by the visionaries in the Bible. The biblical prophets spoke of Israel as the main country of the world and just as there was destruction, so would the uprising.

If we make comparisons between Mark Twain’s statements 150 years ago and the current situation in Israel, we realize how much it has changed over time and how much political, technological and social progress has been made. Twain referred to Israel as a lonely, practically dead, sad, desolate, forgotten and silent people. But, the author Dog hershey made a comparative chart citing the prophecies of the holy book of Ezekiel.

Israel will emerge, according to Bible prophecies
Ezekiel 36:8 mentions that all the peoples adjacent to Israel would give their branches and fruits so that the territory would arise again. At first the experts thought that the prophecies of Ezekiel were addressed to the kings and rulers that the Israeli people would have, however, when detailing the scriptures well, they realize that the prophet speaks directly from the land and not from a person properly speaking.

One of the most remarkable things the prophet wrote is that all the dead plants would be healed and bear beautiful fruits. The destroyed buildings will be rebuilt and a new world will emerge from the ashes of war, poverty and sadness. Animals and people will multiply and the whole territory of Israel will be remembered forever. All this, compared to current experiences, makes scientists believe that the prophecies are being fulfilled and that, just as they are taking shape, the others will soon do so.