Isaac Newton and his prediction of the end of the world 42 years from now

Isaac Newton was also a religious visionary and, based on Bible prophecy, wrote theological treatises that predict


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Isaac Newton has been one of the most influential characters in human history. He developed the theory of gravity, a work to which he devoted his entire life. He also had a very good political career in which he directed the Royal Mint, improved the telescopes of the time and dedicated much of his life to alchemy and in his attempts to find the Philosopher’s Stone. However, Isaac Newton was also a religious visionary and, based on Bible prophecy, wrote theological treatises that predicted the end of the world in 2060.

Isaac Newton’s prediction of the end of the world
Many current scientists have devoted years of study to numerous manuscripts that have origins from 1642 to 1727, which were inherited from different collectors by the Hebraic University. Based on this, the Newton project was created in England in an attempt to decipher the writings.

These manuscripts revealed religious and prophetic facets of the scientist. In 1704, Newton wrote in his own handwriting a letter calculating, based on a passage from the book of Daniel in the Bible, that about 260 years should pass since Charlemagne’s refounding of the Holy Roman Empire and the end of human life.

A scientist created a prophetic prediction?
It’s a little strange that these two concepts stick together. But this only makes the conspiracy fanatics rely on these kinds of theories to highlight what would be an impending apocalypse. It’s really something to talk about, though.

Newton was a scientist who relied on accurate data. Not for nothing could he construct a theory like gravity’s. Why not believe his theories about the end times? The year 2060 is closer than we think and, looking at recent events at the end of the world, it is not unreasonable to think that a future world war is just around the corner.

Will a war bring about the end of the human race? We do not know, but with current technology and nuclear weapons, it will not be far-fetched either.