Illuminati prophecy has already won the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Profecía Illuminati ya tiene campeón de la Copa Mundial de Fútbol Rusia 2018

FIFA already has a Russian 2018 World Cup winner according to prophecy
In recent years FIFA has been involved in corruption scandals. He is also accused of arranging the games. Many have also reported that the organization has a preference for some clubs and players over others. In this sense, we can question these accusations, since the strange link with occultism is not clear. It has also been associated with Freemasonry, illuminati, symbology and numerology. This action by FIFA has aroused suspicion in many individuals, who have been investigating it and making some very disturbing discoveries.

This prophecy is based on numerology
The analysis presented in this article is based on numerology. Many would ask, Why does FIFA use numerology? The answer is simple, they do it for spiritual purposes to leave their mark on individuals and control the masses. Don’t you find it curious that the number of football (or Soccer) fans has increased exponentially in recent years?

Based on the facts we bring an analysis extracted from TeloCuento’s YouTube channel where he tells us which football team will be the winner of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Taking into account that FIFA has introduced numerology, the most commonly used illuminatis numbers are 9, 11, 13 and 33. These numbers are related to important world events. Some that may be mentioned are The Second World War that ended at 11:11 a.m., The Apollo 11 Fraud, the attack on the twin towers of September 11 and other events with something in common, numerology.

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Who will be the 2018 Russian Football World Cup champion according to prophecy?
According to the analysis of the numbers we have important data. The first is that America and Europe share the world cups by mutual agreement. This is decided by taking into account factors such as the equipment that bills the most at the box office. Another interesting fact is that every 24 years a new champion comes out, such is the case of Spain in 2010.

Now, according to the facts and numerological analysis for this 2018 World Cup in Russia, the champion should be an American team. Candidates must have 2 world cups to their credit. The goal of this is that by winning the cup number 3 (a number) and continuing with the numerology illuminati. The teams that meet this requirement are Argentina and Uruguay, both with two cup wins.

However, it is Argentina who has better predictions because it has the prophecy of the number 8 in its favor. Gianni Infantino has also made romantic statements in favour of Messi. As if that weren’t enough, Maradona is Infantino’s chief advisor at FIFA. Another point that Argentina has in favor is that Messi, as the best soccer player in the world, has millions of dollars in sales per event.

Football World Cup winner Russia 2018

It will remain to be seen who will win the 2018 World Cup in Russia. A few days before the start of this event, it is worth noting how accurate this prophecy is.

I invite you to help us follow up on this case and comment your opinion on it. Below is a video showing in more detail the analysis presented here.