End of the world by Mega Earthquake, this is what an Aztec prophecy states

Fin del mundo por Mega Terremoto, esto lo afirma una profecía Azteca


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The prophecy speaks of an earthquake that will end it all
If there is one thing that impresses everyone in the world, it is that most ancient legends have one thing in common: Their hypotheses about the end of the world. It is extremely disturbing that the Maya and Aztecs maintain that the land will be destroyed by a series of natural disasters caused by so much human perversion and neglect of nature. The Sumerian and Egyptian legends have some similarities with respect to the end times, however, this time we will speak progressively about the Aztecs and their way of interpreting the future events of our planet.

The Aztecs spoke of the existence of five suns that ruled the world. The first sun, for example, was known as the sun of the Jaguar, during his reign in the universe, the earth was dominated by very disrespectful giant beings and for that reason, the jaguars exterminated them.

The prophecy of the 5 suns is about to be fulfilled
End of the world Aztec earthquake prediction

The second sun was called as the sun of the wind, at that time the earth was ruled by the orders of Quetzalcoatl, the God of the wind. The inhabitants of the planet were horrible-looking beings, so much so that no one knew exactly what they looked like. Because of his disobedience, God sent violent winds to the earth and ended it all. The third sun was the rain of fire and Tlaloc ruled in that period, who threw rains of fire on the planet because he was angry with the “immortal” beings that inhabited it.

The fourth sun was known to be the sun of water, the goddess of the seas, Chalchiuhtlicue, became angry with humans and sent a great flood that lasted for 52 years. Most people died or became fish and only one man and one woman were saved. The fifth sun is of motion and will destroy everything by a great earthquake due to the disobedience of humans.