End of the world? Bible prophecy gives strong indications of this fact

Profecía bíblica se refiere a la luna sangrienta como símbolo del apocalipsis

The prophecy of the end of the world could be fulfilled during 2018
There have been many occasions when recognized prophets have spoken about the end of the world and the ways in which humanity will have its imminent end, whether by Nibiru, extraterrestrials, etc. Fortunately, however, nothing that has been said has been accomplished. Scientists have given many communiqués to warn about the existence of planet X and recent natural disasters, which makes us think that our end is very near, but none of this is related to the “confirmed” dates of the conspirators.

There is something that can make us worry and surprise us at the same time, because in the Bible there are certain verses that generate alarm, especially about the book of the apocalypse and in fact it is at this point that we want to get to, because there is talk of the end of the world and all the situations that are going to make us reach that stage, where previously it was believed to be just a story or a legend, the problem is that now the chances of all that happening have multiplied and fear invades the world population.

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The prophecy of the Bible is true
There are several verses of the Bible, in apocalypse and revelations, that speak of a battle that would take place between heaven and hell and Jesus Christ would be the one to fight evil. According to the ancient text, all this would happen 42 months before the end of time, but the researchers believe that these 42 months do not refer to a certain period of time, but to a few digits that would reveal the exact date of the disappearance of every living being on earth.

The experts began to calculate between 42 months plus the symbol of the demon, 666, after this, the numbers are transformed into days and we get an exact date: June 24, 2018. We are only days away from witnessing the end of the world.