The discovery of Atlantis was told in a prophecy


When we speak of prophecy, it is normal that the name Nostradamus comes to mind. This man has become a milestone in the modern world despite having lived more than 500 years ago. Among his most famous prophecies are the rise of Hitler and the fall of the Twin Towers, for example. However, what we will talk about now is a man who predicted the discovery of Atlantis and who, together with it, will discover hidden powers, Edgar Cayce, a man who prophesied the annual sinking of Japan, the change of the poles and, above all, a new rebirth of the lost city of Atlantis.

The rise of Atlantis, the prophecy of Edgar Cayce
Edgar Cayce was a prophet who lived in the United States in the 1900’s, which gained great popularity for prophesying for the community. Cayce was going into some kind of sleep trance. Today it is recognized for its recognized prophecies that have been fulfilled to date, but there are many that still lack time to see them.


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According to Cayce, the human being who in the waters of Bimini will find hidden powers for that moment but who will help humanity in the future. It is not known what powers he will really talk about, but what is disturbing is that he assures that Atlantis will be located just in that place.

It is worth remembering that in the vicinity of the island there is something known as the Bimini Road, a rocky formation too perfect to be created only by sea current and, it is believed, is the road that leads to Atlantis.

And no, Cayce had died before its discovery in 1969.

Atlantis, the legendary city mentioned in the prophecy
According to Edgar Cayce, only those spiritually initiated in the one God will have access to the records of Atlantis. A secret chamber will be raised and the records will be visible once again. It is important to remember that human beings have always felt the need to find the lost city, but their search has always been in vain.

Will it really be true, will we have to wait 100 years to discover one of the greatest mysteries in human history?