Discover the biblical prophecy that predicted the war in Syria

Descubre la profecía bíblica que predijo la guerra de Siria

According to Bible prophecy, Syria would be destroyed by a war
The prophecies have played a leading role for many centuries, some of them are famous and others are not so famous, however, they do not cease to have importance in several territories of the world. When we talk about the Bible we find some interesting stories about our ancestors and we can compare them with other cultures or religions, for example, the Aztec. Now, within the whole biblical text there is a paragraph that has astonished a considerable number of people, for it predicts the end of Syria by war.

This is quite disconcerting considering that Syria is not at its best at the moment. The war is getting worse and worse and there is no indication that this war will ever end. Bible prophecy began to cause a stir after a subject uploaded a video on his personal YouTube account to explain the consequences between the Bible and the present.

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The Old Testament contains the Syrian prophecy
“The whole kingdom of Syria will cease to exist, as will the city of Damascus, and the cities of the north, which are the pride of Israel, will be left without walls. I am the Almighty God and I swear it will be so. This can be found in the Old Testament, specifically in the prophecies of Isaiah the prophet. The Youtuber argued that this text speaks of a war that occurred in the past, but it is inevitable to think that history could repeat itself.

In fact, there are many people who maintain the faithful belief that the events described in the Bible are happening again, for example, the debauchery in Sodom and Gomorrah. If this is repeated, who is to say that the Syrian war would not follow the same path? The Youtuber tells part of the biblical story, but the more it explains, the more it becomes clear to the users of the platform that Syria is prone to disappear because of the war and the wars that will soon break out.