Did Trump fulfill one of the prophecies in the Bible?

¿Trump cumplió una de las profecías de la biblia?

Their relations with Jerusalem are part of the Bible prophecies
Trump has been strengthening international relations between the United States and Israel for several months now, one of the tests being his discontent with the Iranian state’s nuclear weapons, which, according to many politicians, he will use to destroy Israel in the future. Trump has now fulfilled one of his promises, to install the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem and recognize it as the capital of Israeli territory. This action has made many people think that one of the Bible prophecies is being fulfilled.

Jeanine Pirro, one of the Fox News anchors, has mentioned that President Donald Trump would be fulfilling one of the most important Bible prophecies for the citizens of Israel, namely, the liberation and acceptance of Jerusalem before the world. For Pyrrhus and many others, this is the time of Jerusalem and where all the exiles would return to raise up their people and obey the holy scriptures.

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The U.S. Embassy in Israel is a fulfilled prophecy

In addition to being a truly historic moment for Israel, taking into account that other presidents like Clinton, Bush and Obama had promised the same thing but never fulfilled it, the situation is hopeful for believers of the Catholic religion, because one of the legends of the Bible regarding its people is already being fulfilled. It’s all based on trump’s comparison with Cyrus, the pagan king who brought glory back to Israel in the past.

“The God of heaven has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and has commanded me to create a temple dedicated to him in Jerusalem. Anyone who wants to follow him can come up and be with him.” Both the Israeli prime minister and the Fox News anchor compare that story to Trump because, for them, the president of the United States is making the world see Jerusalem as the kingdom of God again.