Bible prophecy tells us that world peace is impossible.


For believers (and not so believers), there is no more accurate prophecy for mankind than 66 books of the Bible dictate. Many say that, if prophecies based on it have been fulfilled, why not believe directly in the holy book? However, the prophecies that the Bible tells us are no more promising than those that Nostradamus left us, for example. World peace is not possible, according to the Bible. And to tell the truth, there have been many attempts, especially in the 21st century, to make world peace our home.

Bible prophecy that tells us that world peace is not possible.
“They knew no way of peace, neither is there righteousness in their ways; their paths are crooked; whosoever shall go by them shall know no peace. That is what the book of Isaiah 59:8 dictates.

Almost 29 years have passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall in an attempt to proclaim peace among nations. However, all democratic countries seem to be moving further and further away from democracies and towards extremist, authoritarian and tyrannical leaders. Following this trend, since 2000, there have been more than 2.5 million murders in Latin America alone, specifically in the countries of Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela. It is even estimated that by 2030, these statistics will have increased.

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So what is the point of having a body like the United Nations, or a peace treaty? Apparently, the message of peace has not reached the inhabitants and, according to the Bible, will never reach them.

Only one way could lead us to peace, according to the prophecy
Although many unbelievers have given solid arguments that deny many Christian facets written in the Bible, it cannot be denied that many prophets have relied on it to expound their prophecies. All those who believe in the mystical and supernatural believe in it and, in one way or another, these prophecies have been fulfilled.

Is world peace possible? Probably not, and not just because the Bible or some prophet says so, but because everything seems to indicate that it is not possible to reach a mutual understanding between us, that there will always be unscrupulous people willing to kill someone for their own interests. And if there are also prophecies that affirm wars and deaths in the coming years, it becomes even less likely.