Bible prophecy refers to the bloody moon as a symbol of the apocalypse

Profecía bíblica se refiere a la luna sangrienta como símbolo del apocalipsis

The end of the world is near according to Bible prophecy
There have been many prophecies that predicted the end of the world in 2018, however, none of these has yet been fulfilled, as the best example and the closest, the idea that the earth would come to an end on June 27th, all this came to have much impact due to some calculations that several experts elaborated from the digits provided in the Bible, specifically in the book of the apocalypse. Fortunately all the things that the conspirators said would happen all over the planet, but it turns out that there is now another hypothesis just as frightening.

According to a considerable number of people, the end of the world is near and this time we will realize it because of the color of the moon next month. While the bloody moon is a phenomenon that has occurred at different times during this century, for the Bible this is a clear sign that the apocalypse will be imminent and all life on earth will be destroyed.

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The bloody moon will be the beginning of the end according to prophecy
The first bloody moon of this year took place on January 31st and it was from there that suspicions about the end of the world began, at least for the religious. It turns out that the red moon represents the blood in the sky, that is, all the misfortunes that will occur in the future and that are reflected in the moon and this can be seen in one of the verses of the Bible, in Joel 2:30 – 31: “And the sky will be transformed and the red will be its color, the columns of fire and misfortunes will be the only visible thing in it and the end will come.”.

In the apocalypse and revelations there is also something similar and everything points to the fact that the end will begin in Israel as the sacred texts say and then, as the days go by, it will reach the whole earth.