Baba Vanga’s horrifying prophecies fulfilled and to be fulfilled


Prophecy about the twin towers was fulfilled
There are many prophecies about the end of the world, unexplained events, extraterrestrial invasion and even about technological advances, unfortunately not everyone believes in them because of the lack of reliable evidence to verify that they can actually happen. Now, although the skeptics do not pay attention to them, Prophets like Nostradamus, Parravicini and Baba Vanga are some of those who have predicted events that have taken place over the years, one of the best examples is the attack of the twin towers.

Baba Vanga predicted in 1989 that the United States would have much horror, an attempt that would end many lives. According to Vanga, metal birds would fly into large buildings and destroy them, in fact, he referred to the buildings as “the brotherhood”. From there everyone began to believe in his prophecies and researched a little more about the words he had said in the past, finding another prophecy that materialized in mid-2000.

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Prophecy of the sinking of the Kursk by Baba Vanga
Another thing that Baba Vanga mentioned had to do with the disappearance and subsequent sinking of the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk. He predicted in 1989 that the whole nation would distrust the Russian government for that accident and that history would change and everything took shape on August 12, 2000. The other prophecies are now expected to be fulfilled, including the proliferation of deadly diseases worse than AIDS or cancer. By the time Baba Vanga lived, the existence of AIDS was not known, but that did not stop her from revealing that it would reach the entire planet and that a cure would be difficult to achieve.

He also said that in order to fight cancer, we would need drugs with a lot of iron, because it would be the only salvation for everyone. The prophet said that strange sufferings would end the lives of many people.