Baba Vanga, the prophecies he left behind and said would happen by 2018

Baba Vanga, the prophecies he left behind and said would happen by 2018


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Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova is her real name, the Bulgarian seer who at a very early age suffers an accident caused by a tornado that drags her for 2 kilometers bringing complications for the future of her health and losing her sight completely.

It is from this fact that he began to make prophecies of events for the near future, he said that he heard a voice giving him information saying that “being” had spoken to him about the beginning of the world war and that he should help many people.

The most incredible prophecies that are fulfilled and the most important thing he manifested of the events for the future
Among one of the prophecies he made in life was the death of Stalin, which led to her being imprisoned, and the following year the Soviet leader died, just as he sensed the death of his brother Vasil on one occasion went to a party and she mourned him for not going, he did not believe him and was found dead with signs of torture and a shot in his body giving even more credibility to the power that this woman had in predicting them.

Baba Vanga, the prophecies he left behind and said would happen by 2018

From the prophecies issued by this seer about the world war her fame came to take on incredible dimensions becoming an advisor to the highest authority of her country and become part of the paranormal intelligence center, among the most important prophecies today were the fall of the twin towers where she describes how the “twin American brothers fall attacked by steel birds”.

Other prophecies that have gone around the world.
Britain’s exit from the Soviet Union, and one that has filled the entire world with expectations about that of US President No. 45 today, Donald Trump, said of this everyone will put their hopes in it to end the crisis and the opposite will happen and the conflicts between the northern and southern states will escalate, It is speculated that the 2 Koreas are among the not yet to be fulfilled are that China will become the world’s leading power and we see in recent years how the Chinese economy is doing, a new form of energy will appear, is scheduled for this year the launch of a space mission to the sun with energy from Venus, and many more.