Baba Vanga and the prophecy of the end of the oil era


Wars and political conflicts of the first half of the century predicted by a blind seer
For generations, nature has created an important number of seers and prophets capable of taking care of humanity with their predictions, however, no matter what happens, human beings are stupid and no matter what they are told, they are always on their way to destruction. Examples of what we say are the prophecies of Baba Vanga, the Bulgarian clairvoyant who predicted the deaths of different leaders of the world’s powers including the assassination of Kennedy and the presidency of Trump.

There are still prophecies of Baba Vanga pending, who despite dying before 2000, could see the future far beyond to prevent us from social disasters such as the third world war and the cessation of operations of the world’s major oil companies.

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The war will destroy everything.
Baba Vanga, blind product of a tornado that made her fly more than two kilometers, launched a prophecy months before dying in which she specifies how the black gold ended up as a result of world wars and conflicts of the nuclear stature.

The prophecy says that the conflicts in the Middle East will put an end to the world’s main oil markets and that man will therefore race against time to invent alternative energy sources.

So far, this prophecy has been fulfilled, with the lowering of prices thanks to the war in Syria, the creation of renewable energies and the arrival of conflicting presidents to power who are only looking for a minimal excuse to make the war burst in 2020.

Baba Vanga was one of the most famous prophets of the last century, even the communist leaders of his country and many other nations consulted him about the future before making important decisions. Her fame after her death rebounded after her most studied predictions included the fall of the twin towers.