Apocalyptic prophecies from the holy book

Profecías apocalípticas del libro sagrado


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The prophecies of the book of the apocalypse
There are many prophecies related to the end of the world, including the belief that in the near future the earth will be completely destroyed, some say it will be by the impact of Nibiru, others say that wars between ourselves will end with everything. Now, in the Bible there are some shocking prophecies that reveal what the destruction of the planet will be like. In the book of the apocalypse written by John the Evangelist, we can find different paragraphs in which he speaks explicitly about the end times.

It is said in that book that the earth will pass through 3 final judgments, all of them would be challenges of God to test the faith of His believers and punish those who challenged Him in the past and who did not keep His word. When the prophet refers to the sixth seal, he says: “When the lamb destroys the sixth seal, a great earthquake struck and the clouds covered the sun completely, leaving the earth in total darkness. Mankind was left at the mercy of a red moon, as if it were made of blood.”

Prophecy assures that humanity will disappear

“The sky is going to disappear, the stars will fall from the sky like balls of fire and destroy everything we know” continues John in the prophecy of the seals. Then, he mentions the other two phases of the apocalypse, in which there are 7 bowls and 7 trumpets used by angels. “When the angel emptied the seventh cup, all the demons will come to earth, thus gathering all the ancient kings into a victorious armageddon.”

“The angel poured out every last drop of the cup and the throne shook, a guttural voice shouted that it was all over, but there was nothing on earth that could be saved. These prophecies are frightening, mentioning the way in which tectonic plates would be activated in conjunction with other natural and astronomical disasters to kill humans and everything that has been created so far.