Alarming! Apocalyptic prophecy is about to be fulfilled


Prophecy about natural disasters that has been fulfilled
Several prophets of the last century and the present have repeatedly revealed that the world will soon disappear and that one of the main causes of this situation will be the activation of all the volcanoes of the world. Although natural disasters have been recorded for many years, disasters such as the current ones have never occurred before. Unfortunately prophecies are beginning to take shape and prophets like Craig Hamilton-Parke are in a state of total concern that their words and visions are beginning to be fulfilled.

In different parts of the world, disasters have been taking place that have claimed the lives of thousands of people, including the hurricanes that swept through the United States, the earthquakes that struck Mexico last year, the earthquakes in Latin America in recent months, the eruption of the Hawaii volcano and the recent activation of the fire volcano in Guatemala.

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The eruption of the volcano of fire was a prophecy
So far, at least 60 people have died after the eruption of this volcano and these losses are regrettable. The prophets are very concerned because their words are being fulfilled and that means that we are at the beginning of the apocalypse. In this sense, if the prophecies about natural disasters are being fulfilled, then there is not much time left for wars to break out around the world and the situation for life on earth is more complicated than it already is.

When the Hawaii volcano erupted, there was nothing but material damage, however, the fire volcano has caused very significant disasters and the number of missing persons is increasing. We must be prepared for the catastrophic activities that are going to happen around the world, for the end is near and there is nothing we can do to prevent it.