A great earthquake will mark the beginning of the end according to Aztec prophecy

Un gran terremoto será lo que marque el inicio del fin según profecía Azteca


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Aztec prophecy mentions an earthquake that will wipe out the land
There are more and more assumptions about the end of the world and the way we will all die, but there are certainly some of these theories that might make sense, for example, Aztec prophecies. They maintained that an earthquake of great magnitude would be responsible for our planet being annihilated along with all the living beings that inhabit it. The Aztecs say that the sun was created under a blood sacrifice and that when it is thirsty for blood, it will shake the earth to obtain it.

On the other hand, there is a theory that makes a lot of sense today, it is the prophecy of the 5 suns. 4 of them existed for centuries before human existence, but the fifth was created by the Aztecs and soon we would all succumb to it. Hence the belief that the end of the world will be due to an earthquake.

The 5 suns that would cause an earthquake on our planet
It is believed that in the past there were 4 suns representing the 4 cardinal points and each one had passed through our planet. The first was the sun of the earth and during its passage, the earth was inhabited by giants. Soon after, these were exterminated by the jaguars. The second was the sun of the wind and while he was on earth, beings of strange origin inhabited the earth that displeased the God Quetzalcoatl, then he unleashed his anger through gusts of wind that generated a hurricane.

The third was the sun of the rain of fire, the earth was ruled by the God Tlaloc, who threw rain of fireballs to all the inhabitants of the planet. The fourth sun was of water, and the goddess who ruled at that time sent a 52-year flood to the earth. The fifth is the sun of the movement and it is said that it will kill humans and part of the planet with a mega earthquake.