5 Nostradamus prophecies that can potentially be fulfilled soon

5 profecías de Nostradamus que potencialmente pueden cumplirse pronto

It’s time to pay attention to what the great prophet left us
Nostradamus wrote an important part of the future history of humanity and the earth. He left passages of what would happen in the different eras of man after his death and that has set a precedent in the way we see the world. It is really impressive how many of his prophecies have been fulfilled and the fact that we know that we are at enormous risk, because some of his predictions will be fulfilled, at the same time some of them, terrifies more than one who believes in these events.

The prophet Nostradamus spoke of a series of catastrophes, and scholars of the subject have often found the date of when it will happen. Or they simply happen and prophecies are attributed to these events.

The great earthquake
This year there have been more telluric movements in the Andes mountains than on other occasions, Nepal has roared fiercely in recent months and all these earthquakes promise a great earthquake like the one of Nostradamus’ prophecy that left us in his writings. The failure of San Andres, as always under the magnifying glass of the experts has also had movement.

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A time of peace after a cataclysm
The specialists believe that this is a moment of post-war peace. Many believe that a war is coming this year that could go on for up to 7 years. According to the prophecy, this period of quiet could begin around 2025.

Francis is the last Pope
Not only for his charism, but also for the mysteries related to his election as the new pope of Catholicism. Pope Francis is believed to be the last pope predicted by Nostradamus, as his outcome would mark one of the high points of the nuclear war that is about to begin between the great powers.

Global volcanic eruption
Which could be happening right now, Guatemala with its Volcano of Fire displacing thousands and the Kilauea destroying Hawaii, it’s only a matter of time before Vesuvius and the Asian craters explode and turn the streets of the cities into rivers of lava and destruction.