2019 Predictions and Prophecies for the New Year

Predicciones 2019 y Profecías para el nuevo año

One of the most warlike and social decades in the history of humanity in 200 years is almost over. The number of casualties, displaced persons, wars, and conflicts that destroy cities and entire countries can only be included in a list commanded by world wars. Are we at the dawn of a new war of continental proportions? For Predictions 2019 show a very precise outline of the paths being taken by the great powers and sects of the world to take a first step to detonate the third world war.

In addition, the technological advances interpreted by the market as a more revolutionary form of interaction for their daily use have a secret service to control and domination interests of the masses, something that many analysts estimated, and it has not been until the end of the decade, that evidence has come to light that there is a background in the reason for being of so many cameras and microphones in mobile devices and of so many sensors in the big cities.

The following estimates correspond to a very complex analysis, based on the behavior and events that took place in 2018, which help to show the proletariat which are the great actions that are about to take place in the world, which affect the way of life of the world from next year.

Predictions 2019: The earth reacts and drives out evil

Predicciones 2019

Earthquakes have been the protagonists of all of 2018 and 2019 predictions promise more catastrophes in countries like the United States, which have rejoiced with a fate that is about to end.

Analysts and experts in the scientific field that deals with the subject of telluric movements, estimate that the North American country will suffer one of the most disastrous calamities in the world, when the fault of San Andres crash, as is expected to happen.

While it is true that the San Andreas fault is well known and there has always been trauma among people fed by Hollywood, there has not been an earthquake even if we can attribute it to this “place” on earth. However, at this moment this prediction is given due to a study that determined that the recent earthquake in Mexico and, more recently, that of Alaska, are warnings that “surround” the country in which the most dangerous seismic fault in the world is found, so much so that it is capable of making an entire city disappear.

The South American cone is also in imminent danger, because from the Caribbean Sea, the small pieces of land in which there are countries led by underdevelopment and poverty tremble, inspiring only an air of tragedy at every opportunity that an earthquake occurs.

Predictions 2019 The end of the Catholic Church?

Predicciones 2019

The walls of St. Peter’s Basilica fall. Among the predictions of 2019 more sound is the latent possibility of a terrorist attack against the Vatican, the headquarters of this religion by a group of people willing to immolate with the firm purpose of seeing the church collapsed and with all the prestige it represents before the world, naked, with no one to protect him or her.

A ferocious response with the refusal of many sectors of society to the hermetic and classist church of Christ, which has always been a discordant element in the advance of the preaching of the word in the world.

And, the “positivist and tolerant” behavior of the institution in the last few years since an Argentinean Pope sat in the chair of the chief has aroused the anger of many groups that were even followers in the past of the word of God through Catholicism.

There are plenty of reasons why the predictions for 2019 include a terrorist attack on St. Peter’s Basilica or on the high leaders of this religion.

Predictions 2019 Conflicts in pause with North Korea

The false calm between the North Korean dictatorship and the intense dialogue of the oval office ceases, despite the fact that historically the United States and North Korea are in a silent war, sponsored by comments and announcements of part and part that reach nothing, 2019 may be the year in which North Korea takes actions with really worrying consequences, beyond a simple missile to the sea off the coast of Japan, an American ally.

The meeting between Kim Jon-Un and Donald Trump that took place in Singapore in 2018 laid the foundations for a more mature and concise dialogue, however, the nuclear race of the most hermetic country continues and the United States still has interests to dispute a war with this nation, even additional to those of providing a better quality of life for people living imprisoned in the communist poverty of North Korea.

At this point in time there will be no movements of tokens of war to give rise to a nuclear war between these countries, but there is the possibility of North Korea attacking Japan or fulfilling that idea of making the city of Chicago disappear with a nuclear missile that crosses the sea.

Predictions 2019 for Venezuela

The political and social situation in Venezuela evolves to the negative as time goes by:

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  • Every day the exodus of migrants to all parts of the world increases in the face of the demagogy sponsored by the government of Nicolás Maduro.
  • Countries that have received too many migrants now close their doors to protect their peoples from an “invasion”.
  • Economic problems are not solved with economic measures invented in a tank of ideas damaged corruption.
  • Venezuela will face the definitive breakdown of its social political system, the death of a representative of the high ministerial cabinet at the hands of a secret revenge orchestrated in the same ranks of the ruling party to blame the opposition appears in all predictions.
  • The overthrow of dictator Nicolás Maduro is visible in the 2019 predictions, however, the country’s crude situation will not improve in the following years due to the economic debacle left by Chávez’s legacy.
  • It is estimated that this country will be very disappointed as those who have emigrated will not return to their country on the expected scale when they see the situation.

Predictions 2019 Technology: Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things
Predicciones 2019 Tecnología

The arrival of 5G networks and high-powered processors to promote “the internet of things” advances the entry into homes of a system of control and supervision of large markets to the direct consumer. The escalation of control by social networks and advertising content to the masses becomes more evident and in 2019.

It is expected that at least 6 out of 10 households in the world will have a device that constantly monitors the activity of “guests” to ensure better management of advertisements that encourage them to buy more and more.

For the first time, it is accessible to the standard public this type of devices that sell the idea of “facilitating” their use thanks to processors that “learn” from the consumer and “keep” a record of their most common habits.

The reality is that facilitating is equal to recording behaviors, learning is equal to understanding to predict what to buy and what you need to control your money and income and saving is equal to sharing your personal and financial data, even with images and videos of your personal life.

All this is that this market mechanism serves the designs of an elite mind control group to control the consumption of intelligent devices that allow users to see more preferences to modify their marketing strategies for future purchases.

The control of our pockets by the market has already consumed and damaged experiences such as viewing videos and content of any kind on the Internet, now even household appliances will be able to offer data to the company to enhance advertising campaigns.

The era of social control has begun

The government of China is preparing its first “social weapons” with which it intends to classify its citizens into quality sectors. In 2018 we could already see how cameras and sensors of last generation observe and study the behavior of the citizens of some important cities of the Asian country to define a value to each human being according to the decisions it makes, how it behaves and what it does with its daily life.

Predictions 2019 estimate that the categorization of users of networks and connection devices between ordinary people will begin to walk, to make a segmentation of the public to assess the Chinese government which person is worth it and not, before a program to reduce the overpopulation that has contaminated China.

This impressive deployment of technology is going to be attractive for large countries, which will want it on their streets also with the excuse of having a tool to identify possible agents of terrorism or members of the mafia, but in reality, it will be government institutions in tax matters and banks that handle this platform for detecting “good and bad people” for the credit market and more.

A new era for taxes is about to begin

A global tax reform could see its first lights in 2019 when protests are raised in the world’s major capitals over the complex tax systems imposed by the world’s governments, created in order to undermine the effects of high levels of corruption and mismanagement of public administration.

The response of some governments to diminish the effects, are the reduction of taxes to avoid revolts in the streets and demonstrations that incite the overthrow of presidents and mafia cabinets. Countries such as Mexico and Argentina will have to use public force to reduce demonstrations.

Predictions 2019 tell us about the game of life

Since the beginning of this decade, we have seen with amazement how scientists from all over the world have embarked on a quest for a “cure for death. A subject that seems more like a section of curiosities than a relevant piece of news. However, it is now when palpable and interesting fruits are seen for the great powers, that will try from this year on to give it a greater importance.

This 2019 and after making important advances throughout the decade, the first proofs will be presented that a human will be able to reach 200 years of life. If this year comes to fruition, researchers from countries such as Russia, France, China, Japan and the United States will try to acquire all the data and technologies possible to achieve this goal, with the firm guideline of creating armies of superhumans capable of facing the consequences of participating in future world wars.

Similarly, research to find a cure for diseases such as AIDS or cancer will reach a point of positivism, so this year will be decisive in taking the first steps to market and distribute drugs that eradicate these diseases.

On Syria and Feminism

The war in Syria continues with more force this 2019, millions of people will continue to flee the war zones. Entire cities will disappear due to the force of the allied countries’ attacks.

The recalcitrant position of the United States and France on Syria will allow the jihadist groups stationed in the ruins of the city to undermine their war operations. However, the response will become a bad bet on the terrorist attacks that will be evident at the beginning of 2019 throughout Europe.

Feminism will attack with all its fury people who do not follow the imposition of their ideologies. There will be events so negative that they will call into question the quality of this judgment of women to free themselves.

The world will realize that women’s “emancipation” depends not only on freeing themselves from the yoke of man, but also on the way in which they face with dignity the responsibilities of life, beyond the fruitful designs for which they were organically created. In other words, the people who are in this movement lose all the basis of their theory by not having studies that prove that they have done nothing more for their lives than to protest for nothing.

However, the 2019 predictions for feminism speak of the death and exposure of men accused of harassment or pedophilia who will prove to the world that this movement is nothing more than a witch-hunt.