Time travel, a phenomenon that happens more often than we think

time travel, a phenomenon that happens more often than we think.

The feeling that we have a space-time jump has always existed. We feel that time is not moving forward or that, on the other hand, it is moving very fast and has always caused people to be suspicious of it because they do not know how to explain it. Scientists do not attach any real importance to this phenomenon, which would seem to be a time travel. However, in 1978, the world witnessed one of the strangest space-time leaps in the world, in which not only one person was the victim of the strange phenomenon, but an entire flight.

A space-time leap, the Spanish plane that seemed to make a trip back in time.
On a cloudy afternoon in the Basque Country on January 31, 1978, the Spanish company Aviaco had flown flight number 502, which was manned by pilot Carlos García Bermúdez, who was in charge of covering the flight from Valencia to Bilbao.

García, his crew and the passengers of the flight received the news that they had to modify their route due to the terrible weather that was beginning to form and that, for security reasons, they had to land at Santander airport. The pilot obeyed the orders and placed the plane at an altitude of about 10,000 feet, ready to land in just 15 minutes.

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However, things did not go according to plan, as a thick cloud crossed his path and, being impossible to avoid, Bermudez was forced into it. The first descriptions made by passengers was the intense light that suddenly formed. The crew, on the other hand, tells how all the indicators on the plane went crazy, marking wrong trajectories or that the plane was upside down.

Seven minutes of tension were experienced on flight 502 until, seven minutes later, everything seemed to return to normal.

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Time travel An event impossible to explain?
When Carlos Garcia Bermudez looked at the distance covered by the plane, he realized that he was counting miles was exactly the same as when he entered the mysterious cloud. As if the plane had not traveled any distance. The man associated it with a breakdown caused by the previous alteration and landed minutes later at his destination.

When they arrived telling what happened, not really knowing how to explain it. But the control room also wanted to explain why the flight had lasted 32 minutes. 17 minutes longer than it must have taken her to get there.