They recorded the ghost of a woman in a Road of Japan


A new video has been published from Asia, unfortunately there’s no additional information. Possibly it is Japan. In the pictures, we can see what appears to be the ghost of a girl crossing the street just in front of a bus.
The video was taken by a passenger in a car that rainy day and was recording the rainy day with his camera. The person was filming the road when suddenly he saw a girl crossing the road right in front of a bus. A few moments later, the video stops, but it seems that the girl disappears just before the vehicle hits her.
The video is pretty good though it looks pretty old; it’s difficult to determine the date. We can see the silhouette of the girl on the road. She has long black hair and a kind of white dress. We don’t see the face that seems to be covered by her hair. In short, this is the ghost of a Japanese woman.