They record a ghost chasing a man in a taxi


There are countless folk tales about the performances of demonic forces, charms and souls in penalty, however, these revelations gain more force and they become really impressive when they’re captured by a video camera, as is the case that we can see in the following multimedia material in which it’s clearly seen a spiritual entity stalking a man in a taxi.

The best tool to capture spirits
Fantasma captado por las cámaras

It’s not the first time and we hope it’s not the last that certain spirits are seen by the lens of a security camera, in social networks exist many evidences of this type of events, because although we can’t perceive them directly with our senses, spiritual entities are moving among us with different intentions.

We can assure you that if you keep a video recorder in your bedroom, in your car or in the hidden places of your house you’ll be impressed with what you’re going to capture, not to mention if you place it in a church where the sculptures of virgins and saints in many cases come to life, or in a school in which dead children return to receive classes, play and torment any living being nearby.

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In recent times security cameras have proven to be very effective in capturing spirits, and all kinds of activities of paranormal origin. As can be seen in the video presented, in which it’s seen that a spiritual entity in the form of a black shadow slides behind a man who is about to board a taxi, climbing with him to the car without being able to notice it.

It should be noted that among the reactions that have arisen as a result of this spiritual manifestation are the opinions of experts in the office of spiritism, exorcism and the management of the dark arts, which indicate that there are many reasons why an entity in the world of the dead can accompany a living human being, the most common are to tempt him, torment him or give him protection.

In this case, being a black shadow with such a threatening and gloomy attitude, everything indicates that the life of the taxi man was in serious danger, because he was mark to be taken to the kingdom of darkness.


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