They manage to photograph the most aggressive Poltergeist of all time


There are numerous documented cases of paranormal entities that behave in a very violent way being able to torment and even provoke a state of madness or induce suicide in their human victims. These demonic phenomena denominated within the parapsychology like poltergeist, can manifest in their original spiritual state being imperceptible to the human eye, and also usually possess of people, animals or dolls, which realize all type of malign actions under this perverse influence.

As part of the research that is carried out to clarify everything about this creepy subject, recently professional photographers managed to capture the most aggressive poltergeist that has been known until now.

The black monk infusing terror in Britain

Nobody wants to be under the influence or receive the visit of a poltergeist, since their mere presence is an undesirable element that clouds the environment and breaks the harmony between the people who are in their surroundings, provoking confrontations, absurd discords and misfortunes of all sorts. This is not to mention other experiences that have been witnessed about people who have been physically assaulted and even sexually raped by spiritual entities of this type.

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Although we know that the distinctive feature of all poltergeist in general is their evil, we must make special emphasis on the aggressiveness with which behaves the poltergeist known as the Black Monk of Pontefract, who barely falls night is dedicated to terrifying each of the inhabitants of that population, appearing to them in their homes in the form of a ghost and doing everything possible to annoy them while they sleep.

Once a lamentable event occurred in which a man of advanced age was pushed by the Black Monk down the stairs of his house and lost his life, this event attracted the attention of the investigators, who decided that this town was the best place they could go to advance in their project on the actions of the poltergeist.

They relied on state-of-the-art devices, including cameras with infrared night-vision HD lenses, with which they took pictures in all the houses and corners of the town, until they managed to catch the Black Monk unawares, who after letting himself to be seen was losing his power and was completely annihilated later with a satanic exorcism.

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