The mysterious case of the Pollock twins: scientific evidence of reincarnation


An absolute and universal truth is that physical death doesn’t affect the soul, so life is conformed by body, mind and spirit, where the body is only the carnal instrument through which the energy of the soul is expressed on the physical plane, and as we know it’s perishable. However, the vital breath concentrated in the spirit belongs to the cosmic source of life, therefore it’s immortal, as demonstrated in the case of the Pollock Twins, which became the scientific proof that reincarnation is real.

The memory of the soul

Surely it has happened to you, like many other people, that on certain occasions you find yourself in a place or situation seemingly unheard of in your life, but you perceive a strange feeling that you’ve been there before and can’t consciously explain how, when or why.

It also happens that you could meet a person, and in a very short time you develop a very close familiarity with him or her as if you had known her for a long time, something like a spiritual connection that you don’t know how to explain, but you definitely feel it and the other person also towards you.

This is precisely what the mystics refer to when they speak of the memory of the soul, and it’s one of the main evidences that each of us could’ve lived several lives, not even human lives, until we reach who we are today, as can be seen with the emblematic case of the Pollock Twins.

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This was the story of a beautiful Christian marriage with two daughters aged 11 and 6. One day they went to the temple to participate in a Sabbath worship, as was their custom, not knowing that they would live a tragedy that changed their lives forever, because when they parked the vehicle, both girls got out and crossed the street running being struck by a car, an accident of which they couldn’t survive.

Some time later Mrs. Pollock was able to recover from the shock caused by the loss of her girls and she got pregnant again, this time of twins. As the Pollock twins were growing up, their parents could see that they were their dead daughters who had reincarnated, since each had the same personality of one of their deceased sisters and even on more than one occasion, have surprised them talking to each other about the accident that caused them death, in addition they both share phobia by the automobiles.


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