The case of Doris D, one of the greatest mysteries on Earth.


Has anyone read the novel “The Entity”? If not, you’ve most likely seen the movie based on it. It’s about a woman who is attacked by a kind of paranormal being that only she can see. The woman is sexually abused, beaten and subjected by the spectre, but only she could see it. What if you knew it was inspired by a real case? The case of Doris D has been one of the most intriguing cases in Earth’s history, but one of the least studied cases in parapsychology and to this day, it remains a total mystery. Many skeptics have concluded that the case of Doris D is nothing more than an acute schizophrenic disorder, but evidence suggests that she was not.

Doris D, a mystery that no one on Earth could solve.
In 1974, a woman contacted Dr. Barry E. Taff, a psychologist and researcher at the University of California after receiving a diagnosis of normalcy from the psychiatrists she had previously attended.

When Taff met Doris Bitter, he was surprised to see the strange and terrible wounds surrounding her body, some in her genital areas. This meant that the idea that this was an imaginary construction of an attacker by Doris was totally ruled out, as it was impossible for the wounds to be self-inflicted.

After interviewing the woman and her children, Taff became interested in the case because of the complexity of the case and decided to seek help from Kerry Gaynor, a hypnotic who would search Bitter’s mind for remote memories of some trauma that would make him create his attacker. They didn’t find anything.

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An interdimensional stalker?
While the tests were being conducted, Doris Bitter continued to be abused every night by the alleged stalker. Taff could not find any logical answer to the events and hopes of finding a solution were getting lower and lower, so he and his group opted for the conclusion that, eventually, the “attacks” should stop at some point.

However, the events did not stop and although at first it was thought that it was a disorder related to the mechanics of sleep (since the attacks occurred when Doris was asleep), this hypothesis was ruled out as the attacks began to occur in the presence of the researchers.

Flashes of light that appeared and disappeared out of nowhere, doors that closed or opened suddenly, kitchen utensils that flew out. Everything seemed to indicate that they were actually in a paranormal presence.

Doris was finally transferred to the laboratory at the University of California, but the attacks did not stop. Open-minded investigations revealed that the woman had been sexually abused as a child, dividing the research group into two groups: those who had witnessed demonstrations for normals and those who believed it was all in the victim’s mind.

doris d in the earth

Seeing that the scientists did not come to any conclusion, frustrated, the woman stopped participating in the experiments and decided to move in with her children. Two years later, and after different transfers, the attacks dropped in frequency until they disappeared.

The investigation was stopped, the case was not studied any further and everything remained as one more “anecdote”. Yet the mystery still lives on.