She was dead for 23 hours, but resurrected and declared to have met Michael Jackson and John Paul II in hell

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Algo salió mal.

One of the preeminent beliefs in the Christian tradition, among other dogmas of faith, is the doctrine of the judgment of the end of life, according to which the eternal destiny of every soul is decided upon death, i.e., as it has been its work in life the divine judge must determine the place where that person will spend the rest of eternity.

To the surprise of many, young Ecuadorian Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora was clinically dead for 23 hours during which time she was sent to hell and could find nothing less than with Michael Jackson and John Paul II.

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Great surprises in hades

We know that the universally established order indicates that the time of grace that people have to regret ends at the moment of their death, once the breath of life is exhaled for the last time, there’s no opportunity to ask for mercy or to turn from the bad paths, only awaits the decision that the supreme judge has for you.

In this vein, young Angelica Zambrano stated in her testimony that while she was dead she was judged and sent to hell, however she was impressed to see Michael Jackson and Selena burn, so despite her own suffering she couldn’t avoid asking the reasons of this suffering and the answer that she received left her completely stupefying.

She was told that they used their musical talent to worship Beelzebub, as well as conveying countless subliminal messages through their music, contributing to the doom of other people, for which they deserved to be condemned to everlasting punishment.

She could also meet John Paul II sitting to the left of the very prince of darkness along with other politicians and former rulers. All burned, suffered and cried with indescribable groans, either way the young woman asked the reasons and she was told that the pope was a hypocrite, who lived by appearances and always used his power in evil causes.

Ante esta realidad la joven sintió preocupación por el resto de la humanidad y deseó poder advertirles, sobre el destino que les esperaba si no se arrepentían. Debido a que aún estando en el infierno la chica se mostraba más preocupada por el bien de sus semejantes, en lugar de pensar en su propio sufrimiento, el supremo decidió que era digna de una nueva oportunidad y fue enviada de regreso a la Tierra 23 horas después de su deceso, con una misión especial.

In the face of this reality the young woman felt concern for the rest of the humanity and wished to be able to warn them, on the destiny that awaited them if they didn’t apologize. Because while still in hell the girl was more concerned for the good of her fellow men instead of thinking about her own suffering, the supreme decided that she was worthy of a new opportunity and was sent back to Earth 23 hours after her death, with a special mission.

Angelica is fulfilling the mission fully entrusted by sharing her experience with millions of people; today you can contribute with that purpose by spreading this article in all your social networks.

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