Security camera captured a spirit that wandered the centre of Mexico City


Apparently the spirits know how to hide very well from the human eye but they don’t realize the presence of the security cameras, since there’s a big amount of video evidence in which mysterious spiritual entities are seen wandering in the middle of the night. As can be seen in the following multimedia material, in which you can clearly see the presence of a spirit wandering in the darkness of the night through the centre of Mexico City.

Nature of the wandering spirits

According to data from the reports of theologians, exorcists, spiritualists, among other experts in the field, the wandering spirits such as those that can be seen in the video taken by a security camera in the centre of Mexico City, are extremely dangerous for humans who aren’t prepared to face them.

Pious souls or those that have led a life with actions tending to good behavior, rest in peace. Though it’s the people who harbor greater evil in their hearts or those who have a greater attachment to worldly concupiscence, who find it difficult to find eternal rest once they’ve died so they’re wandering, seeking whom to tempt or annoy.

Furthermore these types of souls in pain are the so-called children of the prince of darkness and should only be confronted spiritually by persons prepared in this role, since numerous reports have been received from testimonies of persons who haven’t taken seriously this matter or taken these spirits manifestations as a child’s play, some have ended dead or brain damaged.

The sequence of events of the wandering spirit appearance in Mexico City

Events occurred past 12:00 am on January 17 of this year 2017, as you can realize in the video despite the poor quality of the image, you can clearly see how an entity without definite form moves slowly without touching the floor then stop in the middle of the scene and suddenly move quickly and disappear into a beam of light.

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According to the opinion that we could get from some experts, in this video they interpret the spiritual entity behavior as if it is tracking someone, anyone who could somehow own or annoy, and since it doesn’t find anyone it vanishes from the scene, probably to another place where it can locate someone vulnerable.

General public reaction

This type of material usually becomes viral in the social networks and each one is encouraged to offer their own opinion, among which they emphasize, that it can be about an alien or perhaps an angel. But in what does seem to be absolute consensus is that these images taken unexpectedly by a security camera in the center of Mexico City establish irrefutable evidence of a paranormal event.

Some skeptics have been encouraged to comment that when other occasions videos of this type have appeared, in which apparently they would’ve captured beings from another world, and as soon as they’d investigate better they’d find out it were only bags carried by the wind and it images were distorted because of the security camera low resolution; either way, this doesn’t appear to be one of those cases and the public confirms it.

Although it’s clear that the case is still under analysis and open to all sorts of opinions and conjectures because when it comes to the paranormal world no idea is outlandish, it’s simply the world where anything can be possible, you just have to turn on your imagination if we want to understand at least a bit of the spiritual or supernatural things that can happen.


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