Russian ghost causes terror on the road


The terrifying or paranormal stories related to supernatural creatures known as ghosts or specters, are very abundant in all corners of the planet to the point that even some enjoy great popularity, being an essential part of the tradition or idiosyncrasy of many towns, although it’s possible to recognize that in many cases these stories lack proofs that support its truthfulness.

The poltergeist wreaking havoc on the road

However, a few days ago a fact occurred in Russia that is as strange as creepy, because this time the ghost that frightened different drivers with their multiple appearances, was recorded in a video by a woman on a lonely road in that country, which is a true first in terms of paranormal cases.

Shortly after graphically documenting what had happened, the woman who succeeded in recording the spirit returned to the scene, to show exactly where the apparition occurred and to tell her testimony about what had happened in detail. The declarations of this lady also were recorded, and in the same ones she’s affected enough and surprised by the experience that she lived without wanting.

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She relates where she was located at the time she was recording and how this supernatural entity appeared, in addition to the exact time of the event. As for the drivers who also witnessed this apparition nothing has been known, only that they came alive from this strange episode, which fortunately despite the scare there was no accident.

As for the ghost it is clear that it’s a female spirit, which appears suddenly on the road very close to the vehicles without any apparent explanation. There are several theories about the intentions of this poltergeist, as well as about his origin and identity when he was still alive.

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