Journalist got scared when he recorded a child with totally black eyes


In recent years a considerable amount of testimony has emerged in social networks, concerning the appearance of black-eyed children, they appear as 9 or 10 years of age and their grim look terrifies the people with whom they have contact because they don’t have the white part in the cornea. The first documented encounter with these infants was carried out by the journalist Brian Bethel in 1998, however, after that first documented experience many others have been published, and even a reporter managed to record to one of the black-eyed children, after being scared with his presence.

The description of the encounter with black-eyed children

All the testimonies of the encounters with these mysterious black-eyed children have something in common: they’re completely frightening and end up causing a trauma to their victims difficult to overcome. This was the case of Brian Bethel, who claimed to have been stunned on a busy avenue, around 11:00 pm by a pair of these horrendous children.

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The children suddenly appeared through a window of the vehicle, when he was stopped at a traffic light; without noticing anything strange, Brian lowered the window to give them some money, thinking that they were begging, however, when he saw the children in the face he got very scared, because he noticed their terrifying black eyes, from which came thick crimson tears, crying for his mother and urging Brian to let them into the car.

Scenes such as these have been repeated on countless occasions according to testimonies shared in social networks, but an independent investigator of paranormal affairs has gone further in this type of experience, since he detected a way to attract these fearsome children to his house, where despite the great scare they caused him to see them face to face, he was able to record them and share the following video with the world through YouTube.

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